Game Dev Tycoon Guide [ UPDATED : 09.16.2019 ]

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Game Dev Tycoon Guide With All Details

Today we make a giant sharing with you. We are preparing a guide for Game Dev Tycoon. We recommend that you read carefully.

Part 1 : For Beginners

When you start making a new game in game dev tycoon you have to choose a name a topic genre a platform an age group if you have unlocked them and if you have developed one an engine I will be going over how each option affects the score of your game and how they interact with each other.

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Part 2 : Name Creating

We will start with the name it is an extremely easy to test as there is a bit of randomness in the scores no matter what you do but it is unlikely the name you choose affects the score at all names are only there for fun and for some

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Part 3 : Genres In Achievements

Achievements in the game next the topic in genre these two are very closely connected each topic one match was a certain genre is given a score very good good ok bad and very bad for example a game with a military topic in the action genre is given a very good and a game with the vocabulary topic in the RPG genre is given a very bad when your game is given reviews and you are told your topic in general a good combination or a bad combination.

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Part 4 : Reviews And Critics Are Important

These scores are what those are referencing how well your game is received by critics can be greatly influenced by how good your topic genre combination is so it is important to get the best ones.

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Part 5 : Genre Combination

You can these combinations are nearly impossible to memorize so it is a good idea to use a chart like this one you can find the link to this chart in the description below while you might find it tempting to just repeat a topic and genre combination that works well.

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Part 6 : Ratings You Receive

Over and over the ratings you receive will go down each time you do the same combination multiple times in a row these drops are quite drastic so to avoid them is a good idea to always release at least two games in between games with the same topic genre combination then there is the platform.

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Part 7 : Platforms and All Other Things You Must Read Carefully

The platform you choose also works in combination with the genre platform genre combos are given the same scores as the topic genre combos for example a PC action game gets a good and a game asphere simulation game gets an OK this course are just as important as the topic genre scores so you should make sure you get the best combination possible because you should not repeat topics too.

Every system that comes out if you can afford it this way you are never limited on what type of games you can release and you can always ensure that you get the best platform genre combinations.

This check can also be found in the description if you ever need it for reference despite the scores some platforms are going to sell more games than others the market share percentage is a good way to judge this and if a console is nearly released it is going to sell more copies of game then one of those been out for five years.

Always use the newest version of a console when there are multiple from the same company released and you should be fine in this regard.

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Part 8 : Last Part - Age Groups and Other Things

Next, there is the age group these are also given a score on the very good - very bad scale but the age group is given two scores one in comparison to the topic genre score in morning comparison to the platform genre score this can greatly boost sales of the combinations receive good scores so you should try to unlock the ability to select target audience as soon as possible the age group scoring systems for both the combinations can be found in their respective charts in the picture below.

Finally there is your engine there are no specific combinations here we should try to keep your engine up to date with the latest features you unlock especially graphics if you have money left over you can invest in stuff like an open world or other special features those can be included as you see fit for the most part they do affect the ratings but they rarely make them go down so don not worry about including any features you want your game to have just for fun.

And that is everything you need to worry about when you are first setting up the game now we will go over how you should configure the sliders when developing the game many people are unaware of how exactly these work the sliders represent how much time you allocate to each option from your total amount of time setting them all to 0 or setting them all to max means each slider still has the same amount of time if two are at 0 and 1 is that max almost all of your time will go to the one that is the max to get better ratings.

You need to give a certain percentage of your time to each task based on the genre you have chosen a full chart of how much time should go to each task based on your John ray can be seen here and in the description a very good means the bar should be at max a good means around 80% and neutral means around 50% a bad maze around 20% and a very bad means that you be at the lowest possible setting these letters can immediately increase your game score.

You don not have to worry about hurting any other combinations so you should try to get them as close to these settings as possible to ensure you are unnecessarily losing ratings that is everything development wise you can do to increase the ratings of your game you can do more to increase the sales of the game.

You can do this through devel clean hype hype will increase how many people will buy your game even if it receives poor ratings you can develop hype without spending anything by accepting interviews which you should always do and you can invest money to try to create more hyper on your game it is a good idea to try to time game releases around the start of g3 so that your game can develop massive amounts of hype the size of your booth does not matter too much if you have the money for larger booths you should purchase them but only if you believe the game will pay off the amount of money you spent.

You can also pay for marketing which is a good idea but not entirely necessary only do this if you can spend money on marketing and still take the loss of cash if the game is a failure and that is how you can increase the ratings and sales for your games in game dev tycoon

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