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How to Download PUBG Aimbot and Esp? - PUBG PC Hacks:

Our PUBG hacks are utterly undetected thus there is no risk to your account. If you’re already aware of cheats and such, then this won’t be a really huge surprise to you. PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds is that the newest rendition of shooter games to be thought of, and it’s far better than the first batch (some would dialogue that, however it’s newer!).

Understanding the map in a very game like PUBG hack is not solely visiting provide you with a plus over alternative players, however even your teammates furthermore. Knowing wherever to travel for all of the simplest loot can enable you to lock and cargo quickly, getting in the fight while not wasting any time the least bit. it is a far-famed incontrovertible fact that the simplest PUBG players understand the map just like the back of their hands, as in most cases, it is their job to try and do therefore. after you wish to be a dominant PUBG player, you have got to start out from the bottom up; that is why we are diving into AN interactive Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds map guide these days.

Which Platforms Are Supported ?:

Runs on PUBG PC and Pubg Mobile (smart phones)

PUBG Hack Is Undetectable ?:

  • It is totally safe to use. We did not get any feedback for ban.

How Many Days You Have for Free License Key?:

  • You have 14 days free usage with license.

Aimbot Properties:

  • Aim at Enemy Players
  • No Recoil
  • No shake in scope mode
  • Grenade bot

Visual Properties:

  • Radar v2.0
  • See weapon and equipments


  • Custom Crosshair
  • Sound Player Warning

How to Run PUBG Hack

  • Download our client and unrar archieve
  • Start PUBG
  • In Main Menu Alt-Tab to Desktop
  • Enter a valid license key (first 14 days are treated as trial and free)
  • Go back to your game window and press F11 to open Cheat menu(works only in lobby and live games)
  • Use arrows to navigate and F6 to Save Settings
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  • santixdd
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    nicee!!! really thankfull with you my friend.

  • FortniteMeister
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    I really want to try in game, cannot wait.

  • Dash9231
    341 posts User Reply

    Hi, thanks for the release but why does this bot auto timeout after a certain period of time?

  • Expired
    453 posts User Reply

    Is it undetectable forest ?

  • bachgaming
    523 posts User Reply

    Working but it doesn't work when the "The match is still in progress"

  • forestaddict
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    i got some bugs on it but works well.

  • tornino
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    it workin. tyvm mate !

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    Thanks a lot, working fine. Upvoted +1

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    give me discord please

  • Ralkaur
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    I used for 14 days, it is working really good, now i have to buy it

  • cghsysu
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    Does it work well in the official version?

  • neuronuro
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    Great work... Is it possible to share the fix with us please? And explain where and how to apply the code? Because I don't think the creator may fix this issue any time soon? Thanks